Conflict Competence in fiction and non-fiction

I love reading and writing fiction and nonfiction about conflict competence. Movies, books of all kinds, and television shows demonstrate the good, the bad, and the ugly of Doing Conflict Better and it’s not so helpful twin – doing conflict worse.

Let’s face it, at least some of our modern role models seem to come to us through classic and popular culture. We travel to remote parts of the planet and find TV shows or movies we recognize. So, it makes sense to explore the conflict competence lessons in this shared experience.

Some of my favourite teaching movies are:

12 Angry Men – pure Dialogue as David Bohm envisioned

The Story of Qui Ju – the role of apology, poor mediation, ineffective negotiation and conflict escalation

You Again – bullying and personal growth after being a bully

Sliding Doors – one act, one gesture, one insight can transform a life

Here are some of my short stories and articles:

Fairy Tale Romance

Finally, my posts reflecting on the topic include: