Conflict Competence

Conflict Competence is a wonderful skill to have. We know how to negotiate, communicate, and relate in situations that go smoothly. However, when there is conflict and confrontation those skills seem harder to access. Conflict Competence is the ability and attitude to use the knowledge you have, even in stressful conflict situations. Through competently handled conflicts we learn, grow and develop, which are often unexpected but positive outcomes of the conflict experience.

Ask what lessons you learned from your last conflict? Do you have the same types of conflicts, or the same unsatisfactory conflicts, over and over? Are you recognizing the patterns in your conflicts?

Being conflict competent means:

  • Understanding the patterns in your conflict interactions
  • Enhancing the patterns that improve your conflict interactions
  • Changing the patterns that don’t.

Our team is headed by two of Canada’s best known, best trained, and most experienced conflict managers and trainers, Barbara Benoliel, and Deborah Sword. Find out About Us.

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Being conflict competent is a blessing in life. There are so many stresses everywhere, so many risks in relationships, and so many ways in which emotions are hurt or disappointed. Managing the stresses, risks, and emotions should be easier – but being in conflict makes it harder instead.

My conflict competence blog is about life’s conflict management and conflict competence topics: personal, social, political, global, professional, academic, and any other way that conflict happens. The unifying theme is that it is how to think about conflict in ways other than dead ends and pain.

Please join me on the journey: I look forward to your comments, emails, writing back, dialogue, and inspiration.