For over 20 years, Deborah’s been a Conflict Manager:

  • conflict analysis and management
  • conflict resolution teaching and training
  • investigating, fact-finding, problem-solving
  • researching, writing
  • varied models of mediation
  • structured and unstructured facilitation
  • conflict analysis training
  • individual and group conflict coaching
  • team building
  • designing conflict management systems.
  • guided dialogues for difficult conversations
  • sole arbitrator, or panels of arbitration
  • board of directors and management training in governance
  • restorative justice and criminal sentencing mitigation

I offered the latest thinking in educational and management tools to prevent, reduce, resolve, and transform conflict into learning and growth opportunities, and create durable, doable solutions that work.

These are stories of some of the conflicts:

  1. Neighbours had stopped getting along, making living near to each other a difficult experience.
  2. Elected members of a public Board wanted to be professional but when ever they disagreed over political issues the discussion turned personal.
  3. Co-workers blamed each other for problems, productivity suffered, and they did not enjoy going to work.
  4. Business partners reached an impasse in how to run their operation, thus putting it at risk of closure.
  5. Insured and insurers risked a lawsuit because they could not agree on the overcome of a claim.
  6. Companies disagreed about the meaning of a contract they had entered into, and their relationship was ending.
  7. A disagreement over the payment for goods provided caused people to make accusations of others.
  8. A proposed land development caused a rift in a community.
  9. Funding suddenly withdrawn created financial hardship.
  10. Parents disappointed with an educational program protested at the school.
  11. Siting an unwanted use in a community created a large scale public conflict against a government agency.
  12. Sports teams could not agree on athlete schedules.
  13. Contractors and tradespeople disagreed over who was responsible for deficiencies on a building project.
  14. Client and a professional disagreed over whether the work was shoddy, and amount of the bill for services.
  15. Nonprofit organization had issues with its stakeholders over the direction it was taking.
  16. Organizations struggling with governance issues, had lost their vision, and staff morale was low.

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