5 tips to think about conflict thoughts

October 18, 2015

Wouldn’t it be nice to change other people’s behaviour before it created conflict? The other persons acts or speaks, I form an opinion, and I react based on that opinion. A fast 3 steps to conflict. How does thinking about my thinking impact those 3 steps? Really? I think about my thoughts?

Perhaps it’s time to give thinking about thinking the attention it deserves.

Let’s start with 5 tips for thinking about thoughts that can help prevent or de-escalate conflict.

Thinking about thinking nurtures an internal conversation, such as how to:

1. Normalize anxiety.

2. Uncover resilience for coping with setbacks.

3. Know the Mindsets (watch Dr. Carol Dweck online).

4. Recognize surrounding clutter that negatively affects the brain.

5. Desist from so-called ‘multi-tasking‘ that overrides concentration, increases stress and decreases clear thinking.

Human brains work in patterns

We get into a cycle: Anxiety -> stress -> fear of failure -> engage the amygdala -> shut down the prefrontal cortex -> can’t think clearly -> anxiety -> stress -> fear of failure -> and so on. Conflict thrives in this pattern.

Shift the patterns of fear and anxiety that shut down high-level brain functions.


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