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Do Conflict Better: whether to prevent a conflict, manage your current conflict, or be prepared for the next conflict that will happen. I’ve worked for decades to help people develop their conflict competence. Please see the Testimonials and Client pages for a selected list of what amazing people have said about me. I’m active as a speaker, presenter, and author on many topics related to conflict, I’ve served on the Boards of Directors of numerous organizations, and volunteer for organizations that promote peace.
My education includes: B. A. and Law – University of Alberta; Master of Environmental Studies in Conflict Resolution – York University; Ph. D. in Conflict Analysis – University of Toronto; and many hundreds of hours of additional conflict competence training and professional development.

What is Conflict Competence?

Being in a conflict causes stress. Having stress impacts our effectiveness. Our higher level thinking is compromised and we don’t handle situations as well as we’d like. This is a pattern that can change with training and practice. Conflict Competence is the ability and attitude to use the knowledge and skills you already have, even in stressful conflict situations. The conflict exists. You feel the stress. But, with conflict competence, you still think clearly, handle the stress better, and manage the conflict well. Through competently handled conflicts we learn, grow and develop, which are often unexpected but positive outcomes of the conflict experience.

Where to start?

Start with contacting me for a discussion about what’s possible.

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T.I.P.s – The Theory, Implementation and Practice of Conflict Competence

People become more committed to conflict competence as we uncover underlying reasons for what’s going on. That’s the theory. Then we apply the theory to your real life situations – the implementation. And we practice. It’s a seamless exploration that solidifies the learning.

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Conflict Competence in fiction and non-fiction

Conflict competence  and it’s evil twin – conflict incompetence – show up everywhere in classics and popular culture. I love reading and writing fiction and nonfiction about conflict competence. Movies, books, and television shows are excellent demonstrations of the good, the bad, and the ugly of Doing Conflict Better. Here’s a link to resources on the topic, and there’s more under Resources in the banner above. Read more.

What Clients Say

“We can’t thank you enough for your patient, gentle and professional instruction and for sharing your incredible knowledge and insight on how to deal with conflict and have difficult conversations.”

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